depression felix moronta
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Depression is spread in faeces

Ana suffers from depression. She does not leave her house. She is anxious, does not concentrate and has no motivation to read, to watch a…

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sperm felix moronta
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Sperm is enrolled in fitness

A well-known fertility clinic had quoted me for the following week. They asked me not to consume alcohol during that week and to keep 5…

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Astroconcert, where science and music collide

Angelina is a pianist and musical composer graduated from the National Conservatory of Kazakhstan, her native country. She is also a specialist in the direction…

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faces of science felix moronta
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Faces of Science, my interview

Matthew Ward, a former scientist and a long-term advocate of science careers, wants to use #FacesOfScience project for generating awareness of the different paths within…

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Pripionibacterium wine felix moronta
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Wine: a history of evolution, biochemistry and acne

After a hard week of work, I like to enjoy a glass of wine in the company of my wife. The taste and aroma delight…

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Bacteria for feeding the world

75 million people are born every year in the world. Hence, our agriculture has to provide enough food for this huge amount of people. But,…

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