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Wine: a history of evolution, biochemistry and acne

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After a hard week of work, I like to enjoy a glass of wine in the company of my wife. The taste and aroma delight us. Its effect relaxes us, disinhibits us, fills us with joy. Often stimulates exquisite conversations that use to end already you know how.
In one of those conversations, we talked about how much science was in our glasses. From how much history, how much humanity, how many civilizations, cultures, and peoples have also enjoyed that drink.
Imagine the origin of the liquid in our hands. Imagine the thousands of generations of farmers, vines, and microorganisms that have passed to reach the first wine ever created. It is an exercise that excites and stimulates our intellect.
How did it all start? How was the invention of wine? Do we know everything about the production of wine today, its scientific foundations? In the following paragraph, I will answer this questions.

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